SEOS FP – 10
  • SEOS FP – 10
  • SEOS FP – 10
  • SEOS FP – 10
  • SEOS FP – 10

FP10 MK 3

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With hORNS we are entering The Little House of Wonders. House which might be yours   as well if you dare to open the door and give them a try. They do what horns suppose to   do the best – playing music back with incredibly realistic, vivid and holographic image.   With true sense of “being there” shall we say. But saying doesn’t proof anything, the   hearing is believing. That’s why we wish to ask you to come around and listen to them as   no all horns are the same, just like no other speakers are. Give them a go and you   immediately will understand what we DO mean saying so.

FP10 MK3

Designed to meet the demands of USA DIY market, but  it’s now available as a kit or the complete speaker set. Made out of solid surface this offers the best price / performance ratio. The SEOS waveguide used is oblate spheroidal contour (property of Dr Earl Geddes) but with linearly changing super elliptical cross section. Both drivers used are made by  B&C. This type of speaker offers life like sound reproduction and should be toed in up to 45 degrees for stable imaging.


hORNS FP 10 review on hifidelity magazine


High range 1×1”1×1”
Middle range
Crossover12dB per octave, extracted, high quality
Box30 litre, bassreflex, natural veneer, front – polimerobeton
Sensitivity96 dB
Frequency range50-20000 Hz
Impedance8 Ohm
TerminalSingle wire
Box dimensions365x560x305 [mm]
Stand dimensions365x555x280 [mm]
Weight of speaker30 kg
Weight of stand25 kg

HORNS FP 10 speaker box column is a great success of HORNS brand in FP series.

Preventing moderate sizes, it can suitably voice also bigger spaces, thanks to medium- toned woofer with the diameter of 25cm, and definitely it does not dominate optically.

You can experience deep basses, distinguished medium tones and silky high tones in stylish and distinct design.

Thanks to its effectiveness 96dB/W/M model FP 10 will play on low power in great style. Try it together with 300 B or EL 34… Your choice is almost unlimited.


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