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  • Audiomica Laboratory


    Audiomica Laboratory Introduction

    We have been present in the audiophile market for more than ten years, at first as hobbyists and now as a manufacturing and trading company. After the years of research we found out that the quality of audio cables is not only affected by such obvious aspects as the kind of conductor, weave, screen and the composition of raw material but also by the filtration of a signal. That is why the unique filters have been developed in our Laboratory.

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  • Ortofon



    Ortofon's audio cables are based on Japanese knowledge and tradition, dating back to the 8th century.

    It was the year 708 AD when copper was first smelted in Japan. Since then the high-tech know how of ancient Japan made a remarkable advancement in a very short time. In 745 AD the construction of the great Buddha of Nara began. The sculpture is 15.8m (52.2 feet) height and weighs 380 tons. According to the temple record it took 14 months to make the casting mold. To cast the statue several dozen blast furnaces were built around the site. It took 449 tons of copper, 8.5 tons of tin, 2.5 tons of mercury and 440 kg of gold and 2.6 million workers to finish the work.

    The melting point of copper is 1083°C, but the heat generated by charcoal is 800°C. Then a new technology made it possible to raise the temperature to 1000°C, and to lower the melting point of the copper by adding 2% tin. The stature was then gold plated. It was truly a remarkable feat that such a huge task was accomplished at that early period.


    Today the tradition lives on. Japan produces copper of an extra-ordinary purity (99.999999%) and the PCOCC (Pure Crystal Ohno Continuous Casting) copper developed by Dr. Ohno of Chine Institute of Technology. This revolutionary copper casting process forms copper crystals continuously without breaks, whereas the conventional process does not.

    The technology was applied for development of HRMCS (Helical Round Multi Conductor System) cables.

    Ortofon Japan Co, Ltd. in cooperation with a high quality audio cable maker succeeded in developing unprecedented ultrahigh performance cables. After countless listening to a wide range of music, HRMCS was selected as the best performer among numerous configurations of test cables.

    The unique feature of HRMCS cable is a single core wire that is surrounded helically by wires of different sizes in a cylindrical shape. This arrangement completely isolates the positive and negative sides, maintaining the ideal interface distance between the core and the surrounding wire strands. This configuration boosts the efficiency of air-insulation and cancels out the electro-magnetic induction.

    The HRMC cables are truly superb performers that provides high fidelity signal transmission, wider dynamic range and remarkably open and detailed high frequency reproduction.

    The HRMC cables are available in Pemium Series and Reference Series. Our highest fidelity cables are constructed from 7N purity silver. Even with silver having the highest conductivity of any metal on earth, Ortofon’s stringent manufacturing process results in a purity increase from 3N (99.9%) to 7N (99.99999%) grade. The resulting product is not only 1,000 times purer than 3N but also has the oxygen content removed to a molecular level.

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