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Company EXTREO running for only three years but its roots go back to the beginning of the 80 th of last century. It's a small manufacture with the great aspirations because it draws on the experience of the legendary company Amplix-Audio. The combination of engineering precision of owner with finesse masterful of constructor from Amplix-Audio has resulted and still results in bold designs and unique loudspeaker systems also stereo amplifiers in High-End Class for the group of connoisseurs - who appreciate the natural beauty of music. EXTREO produces the big floor loudspeakers of model "SCENE" - series PROMINENT to the amplify salons in residential housing and the middle-field monitors "LIVETONE M1HB" for recording studios, which due to the specific technique of tuning are 100 % linear characteristics, faithful to the original sound of music and very accurate sound transmission details. Monitors are of course also available for a wide range of music lovers who want to enjoy the pristine quality of the music. In March 2014 the company EXTREO launched of production the small-series of loudspeakers about symbol "M2S" (a new type of loudspeaker monitor), and the floor loudspeakers about symbol "FM4" from the innovative lines "PROMINENT" for many Fans of High-End Class Audio from all countries of Europe.

The Guarantee quality of production audio equipment by EXTREO is over 35 years of experience of designing and extraordinary sensitivity to the sound of the legendary owner of the company "Amplix-Audio" - a former musician who is currently working with EXTREO. Company EXTREO as one of the few has been awarded by the prestigious online magazine "High Fidelity” (was description also in the audio-magazine 6MOONS) from product "SCENE", which was issued on AUDIO SHOW 2013 in Warsaw. Anyone who has ever hear them play the audio device from the company EXTREO will no longer be able to think of other equipment ... There remains nothing else to him as soon as you buy what he heard...






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