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  • Melodika


    Mission of the Melodika
    The mission of the Melodika is providing equipment and audio-video accessories, which to the greatest possible extent will meet the requirements of the audiovisual equipment users, in particular: stereo equipment, home theater, consoles to provide high quality home multimedia entertainment.


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    Audio Video Show Praha 2017  
    Audio Video – Trend


    12-13.11. 2016

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    AudioVideoShow Warsava 2016


    4-6.11. 2016

    AUDIO SHOW 2011


     Audio Video Show Praha 2016


    11 – 12.3 2016 4th floor room 417



    Munich 2016, Part 2: “Affordable” Standout Rooms

    Now that I have highlighted the systems that for me were the top of the show, I will now turn attention briefly to a few systems that were still affordable by us mere mortals, and not just showcases in excess. By "affordable" I mean a system that comes in at less than the price of your typical mid-sized BMW or Mercedes (around 50K). I figure that a dedicated audiophile with a decent job and no real desire for a nice car might invest this kind of money into their dream system. That being said, I realize fully that this is still probably 5 to 10X what most real audiophiles spend on their systems. However, I think that this price class can still be justified in terms of materials and labor, and is not simply "luxury" pricing.

    The first system I would like to highlight is basically a referral back to system number 5 in my top picks of the show. The Acoustic Zen Crescendo + Triode system comes in probably somewhat over 50K euro and delivered a very strong overall performance (see PART 1 of my report for photos).

    KR Audio + RD acoustics

    Another standout system in the under 50K class was the KR Audio room on the ground floor, coupled with a new Czech speaker from a brand called RD acoustic. These speakers were quite interesting in that they were a single driver design that was loading a large folded back horn of about 2.7 meters in total length. This speaker was quite versatile in that different drivers could be implemented. The rest of the system consisted of the mighty KR Audio Kronzilla SXi and surprisingly an inexpensive Pioneer CD player. There was also a Czech-made turntable, but this was never played while I was in the room, so my comments only refer to the system with digital.


    RDacoustic speakers (red w/Fostex and black w/Voxativ) + KR Audio SXi + Pioneer CD player + KR Audio VA300i + unidentified TT

    The overall sound of this system was very transparent and direct…and VERY engaging with most kinds of music. There was a tiny bit of the single driver's tendency to shout, but unlike nearly every other single driver speaker I have heard, it was well balanced with real bass. And it was a true horn bass, which is tight and dry and very, very fast with no bass overhang.

    Midrange was explicit and revealing with great resolution. The only questionable area was with the high frequencies, which were a bit splashier and prominent than I think is correct. I wouldn't have minded seeing a ribbon or horn tweeter coming in around 4-5kHz to take over and, if done right, significantly improve the perceived response.


    Closer view of the Kronzilla SXi

    As you can see in the photos, there were two versions of the speaker, one with a Fostex driver, and the other the least expensive Voxativ driver. The speakers with the Fostex driver listed for 10K euro and the Voxativ driver speakers were 15K euro.

    On the third time I went to the room they were playing the red speakers with the Fostex driver. While they gave up a bit of immediacy and resolution in the midrange and upper frequencies, the Fostex driver simply killed the Voxativ driver in bass power and drive punch. After much going back and forth, I decided that the Fostex driver in the horn provided the best top-to-bottom balance. In addition, the speaker was 5K cheaper this way!


    Closer view of the RDacoustic speakers (red speaker has optional "waveguide")

    Now, you might have noticed a second KR audio amp in the room underneath the main rack. That "small" KR is the VA300i, which is the smallest SET that KR makes in terms of power (around 12 watts); however, it is still a solid 36Kg of no nonsense amplification. It is also priced far lower than the Kronzilla SXi. So, I asked them to give it a spin on these 98dB/watt speakers. How did it sound, you ask? Well, surprisingly close to the Kronzilla. Swapping out a 20K euro amplifier with a 7K euro amplifier brings the price of this system down to where it was clearly one of the best bargains at the show.

    One last interesting piece of information is the unveiling of KR Audio's newest amplifier, the VA200, which is using 8 x 842VHD tubes (each of these is capable of 20 watts in a SET configuration) per monoblock! The difference here is that KR has designed this amp as a circlotron with output transformers (kind of like the BAT REX monos). The power output is 200 watts per mono and the power consumption is a staggering 1000 watts, all the time, as the things run Class A.






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    Stereo & Video 6/2016







  • Davis Acoustics

    Davis Acoustics


    Davis Acoustics, the French manufacturer of loudspeakers and handcrafted drive units, has been designing and manufacturing top quality products since 1986.




    Davis Acoustics, founded in 1986 is the french manufacturer of loudspeakers and drive units. All our products are designed and manufactured in France in TROYES (10). This « Made in France » production is recognized by audiophiles, technical magazines as well as by other loudspeaker manufacturers worldwide.




    DAVIS is a rare loudspeaker manufacturer to design to specifications and not limited to: drivers, speaker cones made out of kevlar, carbon fiber, felted-feathered kevlar, fiberglass, graphite, etc…




    My father Michel Visan in the 1970’s was the Chief Designer and innovator of many of the loudspeaker designs seen today, working for  several leading  manufacturers  at the time. In 1986 he founded Davis Acoustics as a family business. It started in our backyard with two employees in the Saint Maur des Fosses area of Paris.  We expanded the factury three times until building our most recent facility in its current location of Troyes, France.


    The Davis name has always  been synonymous with  true high fidelity and is to this date a recognized leader worldwide  in the design, manufacture and sale of superior quality, true, life-like, sound reproduction loudspeakers.  Completely self financed  all of our products and sub components including coils, magnets, speaker cones and cabinets are all designed and hand made by our highly trained dedicated craftsmen in our factory in France.   Our OEM division manufactures speakers for several of the world’s leading class automotive manufactures for their client’s enjoyment as well as where we design, manufacture and supply other OEM speaker brands with our technology. The tradition of design excellence and our love for audio and audiophiles worldwide  is continued by our family and staff.


    1986 : Creation of our first drive units Davis; cones made of Kevlar and carbon are already used in our first projects.



    1988 : Manufacturing of DIY speakers, including the still available MV7 model.



    1989 : Davis Acoustics introduces its first car speakers.



    1991 : Launching of DIY speakers Kristel of non-standard dimensions. The result serves as an example of high expertise of our engineering team.



    1993 : Commercialization of our first complete speaker; model DK 200 appears on the market.



    1994 : Davis Acoustics changes its location from Saint Maur des Fosses to Troyes.



    1998 : Inauguration of our new factory in Troyes.



    2002 : Launching of a new series of speakers, including the famous Cesar.



    2005 : Birth of Nikita, our first hi-end bookshelf speaker.



    2006 : Davis Acoustics produces an exceptional series of Lifestyle speakers with its famous Matisse.



    2009 : Davis Acoustics presents Karla, a speaker of an outstanding quality.



    2011 : Davis Acoustics develops the 20DE8 drive unit that is regarded as one of the top full range drive units in the world. Matisse HD receives an award by Classica magazine and by a Russian hi-fi expert www.hifinews.ru

    About Davis Acostics


    If you are looking for uncompromising, unparalleled sound quality and affordability, look no further!


    For over 25 years, Davis Acoustics maintains a strong commitment to true sound reproduction in the pursuit of true audio perfection, all the while remaining true to the original media being played back. Our speakers are designed to reproduce sound as accurately as possible and are designed for even the most demanding of customer, customers that are picky about sound quality and listen to every sonic nuance in their music. Whether listening to our smallest model or most affordable one, or to the most advanced one, even the most discerning listener will be able to feel the real emotion of the music and the artist, to hear every minute detail of a movie soundtrack, or to feel as if a singer or a musician is present with the listener in the room.


    In-House DAVIS Technology

    At Davis Acoustics we design and manufacture our own drive units, coils, magnets, crossovers, …most everything in France. Since our humble, early beginnings, our highly skilled staff design and produce our high quality drive units from scratch here at our factory in Troyes, France.

    A drive unit may be termed as “the engine” of a speaker. By changing the materials used in the construction of the cone, the size of a magnet, the value of resistance in the voice coil, its size, composition, our engineers can decide on the unique characteristics and “color” of a speaker, even before even starting to work on its charge or its crossover. We produce speakers from the most basic of components from the start, to the very end as a finished product destined to you. All in-house, under one roof, and one team. This is a great advantage over our competitors. Many of our peers outsource their speaker designs and their manufacture, many do this off shore and to the lowest bidder. We do not. For over a quarter century we have complete control over design and the maintenance of quality. We control the process of manufacturing from start to finish, always striving for perfection. We reinvest our profits back into our Company, and we only design and make loudspeakers. We sell nothing else.



    Our Product Line


    We boast a variety of loudspeakers to satisfy all tastes and budgets. For instance, our EVA series of loudspeakers sees Davis Acoustics succeed in producing a high quality loudspeakers with a satisfying audio experience for the user at an affordable price.


    Our recently launched POWER family of speakers feature high efficiency drive units for this product range. The line uses a speaker cone that is both very light and yet at the same time very stiff. This design was the result of a direct response to the ever growing demand for speakers that can perfectly be mated with tube amplifiers. In this case our profound knowledge of drive units and manufacturing techniques permitted us to design and deliver the first dozen first samples of this dedicated drive unit first used in our Monitor 1 model within weeks. Powerful and accurate, the liner features both bookshelf and free standing column models.


    As audiophiles ourselves, we even sell kits for the audio enthusiast. This ensures that DAVIS may meet any and all markets, budgets and passions. This allows one to have a personal experience with their finished loudspeaker all the while benefitting from our core driver technology that we supply. It is a passion for us, I am sure you would agree.




    Hearing is Believing! The best testament of our passion and design excellence of our outstanding products remains in your listening to them, so we encourage you to visit any of our official retailers to indulge yourself in an unforgettable listening experience.

    Directors words

    To You, our Browser,

    Thank you for your visiting our web site. Through your surfing I am sure that you have noticed where DAVIS ACOUSTICS celebrates now over 30 years of delivering audiophiles around the world with an awe inspiring and exceptional sound experience. My Father started the business with 2 employees and where indeed now with a quarter century of measured quality and high fidelity designs have received many accolades from industry peers. I therefore welcome you to browse our web site and discover the DAVIS difference.


    We endeavor though continual updates our web site to provide both you, a newcomer, as well as our steadfast “fans” with as much information as possible describing as best we can to you details on our brand, products, and vision. With this newly redesigned site we wish to share with you our many wallpapers for you to download as well as to provide you a more frequently updated blog for your interaction.


    Since our humble beginnings in 1986, DAVIS has always been at the forefront of both speaker and loudspeaker design with the focus on high end, high fidelity products. Needless today while focused on the most discerning of audiophile, we have a complete line of products to satisfy any palette and any budget. Recently as a continued testimony to our heritage we continue to strive to take on even more, in designing what we feel is the ultimate listening machine, our KARLA, using our steadfast wide band 20DE8 driver.

    Thanks to our many followers, we continue to grow and have recently purchased our property. Financially independent, we have reinvested our resources into our future and for the betterment of your listening pleasure with new and exciting product additions.

    Do come and visit the site regularly to see what is new.

    I invite and challenge you to hear for yourself the “DAVIS difference” by visiting one of our authorized Dealers, hearing is believing! Our resellers have been selected for their passion and dedication and customer service and support. They may help tailor and enhance your audiophile experience with amplifiers, cables, as well as provide you with assistance on how to set up your equipment for the best listening experience.

    Enjoy your listening experience with Davis!

    Olivier VISAN

  • Bodnar Audio

    About us

    Pure sound is the love of ouer lives. The rest is just ouer fantasy.



    Paweł Bodnar


    We are driven by the desire to keep searching for the best ways to enjoy music at the highest possible quality. This is why we are constantly seeking and implementing superior solutions that our customers have grown to appreciate.



    Mariola Bodnar


    As our passion for music and high-quality sound grows, we try to infuse our customers with this passion every day, and we share their love of music and of the way they listen to it.




    AUDIO SHOW 2015

    We have a pleasure of inviting you to the exhibition of audio and home theater equipment AUDIOSHOW 2015, which will take place from 6th to 8th of November in Warsaw.

    Test Highfidelity

    Published: Jan 16th 2012

    I believe my memory is quite good. Even though I remember almost everything I sometimes have problems with placing some events in particular moment of the past. That’s why I wasn’t completely sure during which Audio Show a room that everybody called „Ukrainian” was so popular, and so well spoken off. In there mostly products of N-Audio were presented. Not to mix the facts I checked that – it was, as I thought, in 2010. After the Show year after year there are several discussions on audio forums with people describing their impressions and I saw a lot talking about N-Audio but not a single negative comment about the sound presented in this particular room, which by the way is very unusual. Just to remind those of you who were there – the system presented in this room was surprisingly inexpensive with Hunday Blu-ray player that delivered signal to N-Audio DAC, which drove a tube preamplifier that delivering just 2W drove directly high-efficiency horn speakers. Surely it wasn’t a high-end sound but it was so enjoyable that it attracted large crowd most of the time. After the Show I even considered reviewing on of the Ukrainian products but I gave up the idea after realizing through how much trouble I would have to go with Customs and so on to get something from outside EU.

     In 2011 N-Audio was not participating in AudioShow so I was quite surprised when I entered the Bodnar Audio room and realized that „I know this guy somehow…”. And yes, „the guy” was the same one I remembered from N-Audio room. I think we spoke in 2010 for quite some while. Explanation turned out to be quite simple – Mr Paweł Bodnar came to live in Poland 20 years ago from… Ukraine. That explained his connections with Ukrainian manufacturers – and we know very well, that there are a lot of them, manufacturing mostly tube devices. Some brand are in fact quite popular in Poland – I myself had 300B Abraxas amplifier. Using time between AudioShow 2010 and 2011 Pawel Bodnar designed and started to manufacture his own horn speakers with Hungarian full-range speakers (no crossover) – he called his company simply Bodnar Audio. Our Chief Editor knowing my weakness for this type of speakers offered me an opportunity to review an entry level product of this company, which I gladly accepted.


    Recordings used in this test (selection):

    • Eva Cassidy, Live at Blues Alley, G2-10046, CD.
    • Roger Waters, Amused to death, Sony Music, 468761 2, CD.
    • Stevie Ray Vaughan, Texas flood, epic/LEGACY, EX65870, CD.
    • Dyjak, Publicznie, UBFC Cd0111, CD.
    • U2, The best of 1990-2000, DIDTZU213/063 435-0, CD.
    • Dire Straits, Communique, Vertigo, 800 052-2, CD.
    • Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington, The great summit, Roulette Jazz, 7243 5 24548 2 2, CD.
    • Cassandra Wilson, Travelin’ Miles, Blue Note, 7243 8 54123 2 5, CD.
    • Katia Cardenal, Canta a Silvio Rodriguez, FXCD 236, CD.
    • The Ray Brown Trio, Live at the Loa, Summer Wind, Concord Jazz, CCD-4426, CD.
    • Raul Midon, State of mind, EMI, 0946 3560012 4, CD.

    Japanese versions of the discs are available on CD Japan.

    In theory there are there models of loudspeakers in Bodnar Audio’s portfolio (but there are more versions) – each of them uses a different full-range driver. All drivers come form Hungarian manufacturer called – Sonido. When I visited Mr Pawel in his headquarters in Katowice he told me that he wasn’t happy with his middle model of loudspeaker so he decided to keep working on it withdrawing it for the moment from company’s portfolio. This in fact decreases the portfolio to two models for now – the entry level, herewith tested, Woodline Hornton that sports 145 mm driver, and the top model called Soundglass, with its large 200 mm driver (the model currently withdrawn sports a 175 mm driver).

    Please check Bodnar website – you will find there several different finishes Woodline model is offered with. When it comes to top model Soundglass, there are even more options with top version finished in piano black or white (lots of other colors are of course also available). When you order a product from a small manufacturer you can easily recognize advantages – there are standard products but it is possible to agree almost any change considering its finish, or details like internal cabling, or speaker binding posts. During our conversation Mr Pawel told me about his recent special customer who ordered Soundglass speakers with fronts made of… very specific granite – of course he received. It was also an interesting experience for Mr Pawel as he had a chance to listen to his own design with this quite important change in form of granite front and he admitted it sounded even better, with amazingly extended and very well defined bass range. Customers wishes some particular binding posts – no problem, particular internal cabling – OK, cables running directly from driver to amplifier – sure, why not (it is possible because there is no crossover).

    Customer has lots of options, he can even come up with some of his own – can you imagine a better deal than this one? Sure you have to pay for such extra features but you can have a speaker tailored for your needs. Even after short listening session with Soundglasses I can easily imagine customers who buy those, connect them directly to their beloved low-watt tube amps and spend the rest of their lives enjoying music delivered by such setup.

    Let’s get back to subject of this test – Woodline Hornton. As I already mentioned it’s a horn speakers which implicates significant dimensions of their cabinet. Height – 1100 mm – is quite impressive but since the width is only 200 mm and the depth is 350 mm, which when placed in a room creates an image of not so big loudspeaker. A small (145 mm) full-range driver with paper cone and wooden phase plug is placed in the middle of the upper part of the front panel. Behind this driver there is an inlet of the horn tunnel, that first runs down along front panel, than at the bottom turns up up and runs to the month of the horn located in the upper part of the back panel. There is no crossover of any kind here – copper cable runs directly from driver to the binding posts. The design doesn’t really allow to look inside to check if there is any damping – most likely there is some at least behind the driver. The cabinet stands on four feet, yes feet not cones. I guess this also might be changed but I’m not sure if there is really a need. Mr Pawel Bodnar recommends driving these speakers with 300B SET amplifier – that’s what he uses himself. In theory each designer should try to build simply good loudspeakers but let’s face it – most of them when working on this design listens to it using his amplifier. In this case it was 300B SET so this kind of amplifier should be the best match for Horntons. High sensitivity, easy load – this means that probably each low-watt amp will do the job. But if you have some more powerful amplifier you should give it a try too – at Mr Pawel’s place we listened with 6C33 amp and I liked it very much too.

    I’m a fan and owner of 300B SET so my choice of amplification for this test was obvious. I also own horn speakers (with Voxative drivers) so regardless big price difference I was comparing sound of both designs (although it would be more fair to compare my speakers to Soundglass model).

    The first surprise when you start to listen to these speakers is a a big volume of sound – I mean bigger than what you might expect looking at them. But that’s one of the reasons of using horn cabinets… The second surprise is bass. Surely it’s not extended to the very bottom, and it is not that rich as it could be, but it’s definitely fast, taut, rhythmic. Also kind of „standard” disadvantage of horn speakers is some colorization of bass – that happens quite often but not here. So even though there is no lowest bass but everything above it is fast, clean, taut – the latter is (from my experience) quite rare when it comes to horns

    I listened to one of Dire Straits recordings, where bass guitar plays very important, one might even say key role. The very smooth, liquid presentation, speakers disappearing from the room and high realism – all that totally distracted me from what I wanted to listen to – bass guitar. But when I finally got there I realized that it was clearly present, doing its job – being a pulse of every tune. OK, it could go bit deeper and have more body but the way it was presented was simply enjoyable. Mark Knopfler’s voice on the other hand was presented in beautiful, very convincing way – bit rough, bit warm – just the pure essence of Dire Straits vocalist’s voice, that could not be mistaken with any other. An acoustic guitar, whenever it appeared, sounded not just good, sounded damn good (or even better considering the price of those speakers) – every pluck on string, sounds sustained by a sound board that was really „involved” in making sound – all that sounded very natural, palpable, real. Anyway – rock music sounded quite well on Horntons which is more than you could expect from horn speakers, and when it came to voice or acoustic instrument reproduction it sounded very good, very convincing. The latter boosted my expectations towards next listening session with vocal and acoustic music.

    But before I got there I decided to listen to some more „old” rock music. Well, not THAT old, but at list some singles from Singles collection of U2 are pretty old. This album has unfortunately this poor sound quality in common with all other recordings of this band and, also unfortunately, Horntons showed me that strait out – boosted bass and very flat, thin sound overall. Somehow warm sounding 300B with full-rangers did not make this recording sound any better. All I could stand were maybe 3 pieces and I had to run that off. Anyway there was my proof that these horns work in a simple way – „sh…t in sh…t out”.

    In the meantime I received an email from a Reader who asked my how those speakers played rock and pop music, so I listened to few more recordings that might not exactly be classified as pop or rock genre but that was closest I could come up with (I simply don’t really have pop recordings).

    I started with blues fans „pride and joy” – the one and only Stevie Ray Vaughan. Yup, I do realize that’s no rock but I would call it electric blues, maybe even blues-rock – anyway instruments used by SRV band were the same as by most rock bands so his music could do the job in mind.

    One small digression – when you read this review please remember that it’s written by a total tube and horn aficionado, who has had his own horns and 300B for couple of years now – that means I love the sound they offer (that’s not a blind love – I know weaknesses of this sound and I accept to and enjoy fabulous advantages). I needed to remind (or let you know) that, so that you read my words properly.

    I really loved the way Stevie’s guitar sang, his voice touched my soul when I was listening, and my feet were dancing around. But if I were used to listening to such music via some powerful solid-state amp and big, 5-way speakers I would probably say that guitar was quite good, voice very nice but the bass drum didn’t have enough weight, and bass guitar could have more body. This second version would more high-fidelity version of recording reproduction, but what I expect from my personal system is to play music in a way that „moves my soul”, lets me feel it, live it, enjoy it. And I don’t need high-fidelity for that – I need all performer’s emotions, I need to be as close to him as possible, as that’s what take me in, lets me dive into the music without paying attention to details – just enjoy/absorb performance as a whole.

    And that’s what Bodnar Audio speakers did for me. Surely many other speakers could show me bass drum more convincingly, bass guitar with more body and power – that is all true. But very, very few could deliver SRV and his guitar to my room and show them right in front of me sounding so real, that the rest of the world just didn’t exist anymore – there was only Stevie and his music. Yes, better horns could do it even better but this speakers costing less than 4000 PLN are good enough to create this amazing illusion and to drag a listener into the world of fantastic emotions expressed with voice and instruments.

    After that I listened to two recordings probably closest to pop that I have in my collection – first Katia Cardenal, and than Raul Midon. To be honest both recordings are mostly about leading voices and guitars (classic and acoustic) but at least the arrangements are rather pop-like. Also both recordings offer decent sound quality which is not too often the case with pop recordings.

    I love Katia’s voice each time I listen to it, so I’m not going to write anything about it, maybe except for a short notice that this presentation was very close to what my own horns with Voxative drivers deliver. And that, at least for me, means that it was really, really good. Soundstage, even with this pop-like music, was impressive – left to right and front to back. It was not that precise – as the distances between instruments were not clearly shown, but credit for that goes rather to the recording itself. It was obvious that focus was on the vocalist and guitar – all other instruments were shown just in the background – and Hornton’s presentation made it even more obvious.

    I had similar impression when listening to the album of Raul Midon. I found this guy couple of years ago in Internet, and it was his solo, live performance. Raul has amazing voice and really knows how to use it to sing but also to play them like instruments (different ones, but usually like a trumpet). I love that performance and watched it several times and finally bought his CD. Unfortunately somebody decided that solo performance would not sell, so now Raul has a whole band supporting him and his songs sounded now more pop-like. Even though I still like this album (and next ones) as Raul’s vocal skills are still most important element. And as I mentioned before his vocal skills are impressive – nice timbre, huge scale and this guy can do everything with his voice including doing very realistic trumpet. Nothing matter in this presentation as much as he did, and this was probably the intention of this record producers. It’s not only about how the music was recorded, with vocalist usually in front of the band, but also about how it is presented by SET amp and horn speakers. Simply the midrange is the most important part of the frequency range and that means that voices, and most acoustic instruments are shown in a wonderful, palpable, involving way.

    Last but not least – clou of this test – music that is/was a reason to build horns speakers with single full-range drivers (like Bodnar Audio Hornton) – acoustic jazz, blues and (mostly) female vocals. I started (how could I not?) with Ray Brown Trio and their live recording called Summer wind. Oh boy! That’s all I could say after first minute or so. I’m not going to claim that rock, classical music, or operas I prefer to listen using horn speakers – I don’t – such music requires real full-range speakers. But when it comes to live recordings of acoustic music that I wouldn’t trade (good) horns driven by a SET amplifier for nothing else (except for better horns and better SET).

    It always amazes me how well such speakers perform regardless of volume – doesn’t matter if I play loud or very quiet – everything that’s going on on the stage or in the audience, is equally audible. Every detail, everything that surrounds music, and the music itself… It is amazing but worth under 4 kPLN speakers manage to create fantastic illusion of live concert. You can „see” musicians really enjoying themselves, you can also clearly „see” how extraordinary musicians they are. It takes only a very short time to feel the ambiance of the concert, to become a part of it, to react as if the listener was one of the fans in the audience, to laugh when some forgotten phone starts to ring, to clap one’s hands when enjoying some amazing solo, and so on. No, I’m not claiming that it was the best reproduction of this recording I’ve ever heard – my horns, or Avantgarde Acoustics can do it even better – but hey! Horntons achieve this level of performance with 145 mm drivers and at the price of less than 4 kPLN! That’s hell of achievement if you ask me. You want better performance – no problem, just pay for it couple of times more. Here even fantastic solos of Jeff Hamilton (drummer) sounded really good – brushes dancing on cymbals, nicely working hi-hat – no complains here! OK, maybe cymbals could have had bit more body to deliver even richer sound, but they were really good as they were. Same goes for drums – each strike was fast, dynamic, taut – it could only have bit more weight. But still the presentation as a whole was so energetic, emotional, so involving that this small weaknesses simply didn’t matter. I listened to many more acoustic instruments too but conclusion was always the same – smooth, warm, natural, enjoyable sound.

    What about vocals? It did not really matter if it was a nostalgic voice of Eva Cassidy, or Cassandra Wilson singing Miles, or swinging Louis Armstrong, or sweet Frank Sinatra – each voice sounded amazingly well, and each of them in a different way, always delivering huge portion of emotions. It’s simply not about listening to the music anymore (or at least not only about that). It’s more about experiencing it, living it, feeling all those emotions expressed by vocalists and musicians. I said that already but I’m still going to repeat that – such performance is what horn speakers driven by SET can do better than any other rig (in my opinion, of course). It’s not like a listener has any choice – he gets involved in music whether he wants it or not. He has to start swinging with Louis, or cry with Eva.

    This kind of presentation does not have to much in common with what’s widely considered to be a „high-end sound”, maybe not even with „hi-fi”. Because even as a huge fan of horn speakers and SET amplification I’m not going to try to convince you that it offers the best sound in „hi-fi/high-end” terms. It’s more like some approach to music presentation concentrated on emotions, on feeling the music. That’s exactly what I need after long working day, when, tired, all I want is to sit down in comfortable armchair with a glass of wonderful Merlot to relax and listen to my favorite music. It’s not a time for AC/DC or Mahler, but rather for Ray Brown, Miles Davis, Eva Cassidy or Etta James. And I want them in my room, just in front of me, I want them to make me laugh or cry or sing with them. What I don’t want than is a powerful bass that I could feel in my guts, nor sibilants hurting my ears (not even if they are in the recording). That’s what you get listening to Horntons driven by 300B SET – warm, sensual, emotional presentation – pure pleasure for your ears and soul. It’s not a system for everybody, but is there any? It’s for people listening mostly to acoustic music, to beautiful vocals, and who do it in the evening to forget about that crazy life most us have during working day. If that’s what you listen to and when you listen to it, than quite inexpensive (in „audiophile’s” terms) system with Horntons and for example 300B SET from JAG plus some „analogue” sounding source might offer you all you need. You’ll get lots of emotions, joy, happiness even, and most likely it will never get old.

    You expect more in terms of sound quality – no problem. There are better horns – like Bodnar Audio Soundglass for example. You’ll get better extended bass with more slam, more open, yet detailed treble, even denser midrange and better overall resolution of sound. And of course the better amplifier (although JAG is really good) and the better source you use the better outcome you get. Sound will be more „audiophile”, but still with this wonderful, rich, colorful, palpable midrange and sensuality, emotions and so on. It’s up to you how much you want/can spend but even with this simple system, with Horntons and some inexpensive amplifier you will get amazing result that will allow you to enjoy your favorite music, maybe like you never have before.


    It becomes a habit, writing last minute postscripts I mean. All above described impressions were based on listening sessions with my own ArtAudio Symphony II, (that’s a 300B SET) as suggested by the owner of Bodnar Audio. But when I actually finished this text and was about to start packing Horntons, I received Jadis I35 integrated amplifier for review. That’s a push-pull designed build around KT120. Could it be a nice match for horns – no way! Or at least it should never sound better than 300B SET. But I thought – what the hell, I’ll give it a try. I’ll have another proof that p-p amp doesn’t sound good with horns (none ever did before – in my experience of course). So what should I write now, after praising combination of Horntons and Symphony II? Well, I’m not going to lie to you – I could have just not write this postscript if I didn’t want to tell the truth. And that’s a lesson for me, and I hope it would be one for you too – there are now obvious truths in audio, you think you know something for sure? Think again, check again, listen again, try something else and one day you will find out that you were wrong. Yes, Jadis made Horntons sing even better. Sound became even more open, more airy, especially in the upper part of the frequency range, transparency was also better which created an impression that sound was more detailed than before. I think that in fact there were no more details, they were „only” shown in a more distinct, precise way. The recording of live performance of Marek Dyjak (I was there when it was recorded so I know how it sounded when it was recorded) is not as good as I expected. I would not say that quality is poor – it is good but I remember how fantastic this concert sounded in a small club where it took place. And it was only Jadis that reminded me that – the realism of the presentation was simply amazing. So instead of packing Bodnars I spent another day with them hooked up to Jadis – it was even more fun than before (also because I could simply enjoy it, and not review it anymore). Yes, it is quite expensive amplifier comparing to Horntons price and surely it can offer even more than these speakers were able to deliver. But on the other hand I think Jadis squeezed Bodnars dry to show their top performance and it was even more impressive than during my test. So previous conclusion still stands – these are outstanding speakers and hard to bit at this price.


    Bodnar Audio Woodline Hornton is a horn loudspeakers with full-range driver, no crossover. Manufacturer decided to use for this basic model small (145mm) drivers from Hungarian company called Sonido (SRF145 in particular). Driver has paper cones and there is a wooden phase plug in the middle. Driver is placed right in the middle of the upper part of front panel. Behind this driver there is an inlet of the horn tunnel, that first runs down along front panel, than at the bottom turns up and runs to the month of the horn located in the upper part of the back panel. Copper cable runs directly from the driver to the binding posts. The are quite simple one, which is understandable considering the price of these speakers, but I would like to see more solid ones in their place that would hold spades more firmly. From outside cabinet has a „classic” cubic shape. It’s made of MDF and finished, by hand, with natural veneer (it is planned to change that to machine process). Customer might pick one of many offered veneers. Despite very reasonable pricing finish quality is quite impressive.

    Specification (according to the manufacturer):

    • Driver: 145mm Full Range
    • Impedance: 8Ω
    • Sensitivity: 92dB
    • Recommended power: 4-20W
    • Height: 110cm
    • Width: 20cm
    • Depth: 35cm

  • Audio Solutions

    About Us

    The whole story started in  winter 2003. We felt very curious about sound reproduction, especially about loudspeakers. We constructed our first system and it became clear that speaker construction involves art and science combined. Our research in designing good speakers lasted almost 8 years. By this time we tried many different enclosure designs, drivers, filter designs and lot more. These 8 years of research were worth it. Today we know how to create very natural sounding and good looking speakers. First impresion in constructing speakers became our motto: "the Art and Science of Speakers Engineering".

    AudioSolutions was founded in summer 2011. AudioSolutions is registered company with the Companies' Registerof Lithuania as Individual Activity No. (4.65)-332-2694. The AudioSolutions registered office address is Kovo 11-osios g. 47-92, LT-27122, Vilnius, Lithuania. 



    Owned and founded in 2010 by a talented speaker engineer Gediminas Gaidelis, AudioSolutions speakers are produced and manufactured in Vilnius, Lithuania (EU).



    Development of these fine speakers is a true challenge. We combine laws of physics with design, manufacturing stability and customers' needs to make perfect speakers. Every smallest part is hand crafted and inspected for any flaws.


    Years of hard work and research are hidden behind this revealing short name - not only in the realm of achieving ideal sonic abilities, but also in practical realization of pioneering ideas. AudioSolutions steps firmly into High-End territory.



    AudioSolutions speaker systems will be exhibited by Netherlands distributor "Darius Audio" in X-fi audioshow 2016. Show will be held in 24 & 25 september, Koningshof (Veldhoven, NH Hotel), Room 18.


    Guimbarde studio speaker in room. Best sound ever heard from PC.


    Please click here...

    Please click here. (Polish language)


    AudioSolutions will participate in High-End audio show "Audio Gourmet 2015". Meet us in room no.2.

    Only few days left till annual Audio Show in Poland. We will present our newest speaker line. AudioSolutions team are waiting to see You there.

    AudioSolutions will participate in Guangzhou AV Show, China by distributor Shantou Hongyun Light & Sound Technology Co., Ltd.

    AudioSolutions signed contract for distribution in China territory. We are very happy and looking forward to making chinese audiophiles happy.

    We are very happy to receive such prestigious award. When such things happen, you know you are doing things right.


    Haven't seen Vantage speaker yet? Visit us in Munich High-end show 2015. We will exhibit Vantage speaker in Black Xiralic and very luxury looking Marrakesh Brown colors. Also award winners Euphony 140, Rhapsody 80 and Rhapsody 130 speakers with new highly durable and more stylish Quartzite paints. Will meet You in Hall 3, stand J08 ;)

    Today we officially received Fairaudio's award for Euphony 140 speaker as Fairaudio's favourite! Thank You, it is a big pleasure for us!

    We are wery happy to announce that German magazine Fairaudio awarded Euphony 140 speakers as their favourite of 2014! Read article here : http://www.fairaudio.de/sonstiges/award-ankuendigung/fairaudios-favourite-hifi-award-12-14.html

    Distributor for France Exclusive Audio will exhibit AudioSolutions Euphony 140 and Euphony 40 speakers in Paris Hi-Fi show 2014. You will find us in second floor. Hi-fi Show will open its door on the weekend of November 15 and 16 at the Marriott hotel located in Paris.

    AudioSolutions speakers will be exhibited in Warsaw AudioShow 2014 by distributor for Poland - Premium Sound. Show will be held at Sobieski hotel in November 08-09 days. AudioSolutions owner Gediminas Gaidelis will be visiting show, don't miss chance to learn more about speakers directly from manufacturer.

    Distributor for Russia "Musical Paradise" will present Vantage flagship speaker in Moscow Hi-End Show 2014. Company owner Gediminas Gaidelis will be in show and personally answer all questions about Vantage speakers. Show will be held in 1-3d of November at Holyday Inn hotel. We will meet You in room 220.

    You may read or download Vantage speaker brochure here.

    Top Hi-End speakers features tri-amping binding posts, crossover with fine-tuning ability, 300w RMS, 92dB sensitivity, 21-30000 Hz frequency response, and impressive midrange driver covering 200-10000 Hz range. 70Kg of pure elegancy and Hi-End perfomance.

    Show will be held at 1-2 of November in Krefeld Germany by our distributor in Germany Genuin Audio Vertrieb.

    AudioSolutions Vantage speaker system will be presented in Indonesia IHEAC 2014 show by our distributor Finesse Audio. Show will be held at Hotel Menara Peninsula, Jakatra 31 October - 2 November 2014 rooms # 814, 815;

    AudioSolutions will participate in annual Hi-End show "Audio Gourmet 2014". Show will be held in Radison Blu hotel Vilnius Lithuania at 18-19.10.2014. We will present our new top Hi-End class speaker "Vantage". Will meet You in room 6.

    AudioSolutions speaker will be exhibited at Munich Hi-End show 2014 by German distributor Genuine Audio Vertrieb. You will find us in Hall 3 J07 booth. We will exhibit most of Rhapsody series range including Rhapsody 200 model. Will meet You there.

    AudioSolutions will participate in Hi-Fi & High End Show Moscow 2014, which will be held at Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center on 10 - 13 April 2014.

    AudioSolutions presents tiniest speaker - Guimbarde. Click learn to read more

    AudioSolutions announces new ultimate speaker system prototype Vantage. This will be stylish and luxury looking speaker equiped with highest class drivers base, ultra high grade crossover components and flawless parameters. Vantage will be the most competitive product in every way. Stay tuned, Vantage coming up soon.

    AudioSolutions products will be exhibited by Poland distributor PREMIUMSOUND on 9-10 November in hotel Jan III Sobieski 7-th floor 702 and 708 rooms.

    The show will be held by our distributor ACOUSTIC DIMENSION in Philippines on November 9-10/2013 at the 5-star Manila Dusit Hotel in Makati City. Room number 410. Acoustic Dimension will exhibit all Rhapsody models.

    The show will be held on October 5-6th days in Bonn, Germany. Distributor Genuin Audio Vertrieb will demonstrate AudioSolutions Rhapsody 80 model in room 267. http://www.bonnaudio.de/westdeutsche-hifi-tage

    Due to many e-mails received asking for bigger, more powerful and affordable speaker, AudioSolutions team created and launched newest model Euphony 140. This model consists of two bass drivers loaded in vented cabinet, one mid driver also loaded in vented cabinet, and silk dome tweeter. For more information please visit our "Collections" section.

    AudioSolutions reached an agreement with Mr. Thomas Wendt from Audio Vertrieb company (www.genuin-audio.de). We are very happy that more and more audio enthusiasts discover AudioSolutions speaker.

    AudioSolutions owner Gediminas Gaidelis and Premium Sound company owner Arkadiusz Sztander agreed on partnership. Premium Sound is now official distributor for AudioSolutions products in Poland. For more information please visit Premium Sound websitehttp://www.premiumsound.pl

    Our newest distributor in the east - Mr. Eric from Acoustic Dimension. We are happy to see that interest in the east is rising. Our team wishes great start in upcoming shows.

    AudioSolutions and Russian distributor Musical Paradise will participate in HI-END show Moscow 2013. Show will be held in 11-14 April, hotel Aquarium room 325 http://www.hifishow.ru/ Will meet You there!

    AudioSolutions team celebrates huge success in IHEAC show 2012 and new dealers from Russian Federation and Indonesia!

    Meet AudioSolutions Rhapsody series speakers in Indonesia during "IHEAC Show 2012". Speakers will be exhibited by Surja Sutantio and Fajar Gunawan from Finesse-audio (www.finesse-audio.com) in rooms 1328 and 1320. The 2nd IHEAC Show will be held on 2012 December 7-8-9 The Sultan Hotel Jakarta Venu.

    Friday from 10am to 10pm
    Saturday from 10am to 10pm
    Sunday from 10am to 10pm

    For more information visit: http://www.iheac.com/news.asp?id=406

    Meet AudioSolutions Rhapsody 130 speakers in Greece during "Hi-end Avshow 2012". Speakers will be exhibited by Ultra Audio team (http://ultraaudio.wix.com/ultra) on 12-13-14th of October at the Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel room 147. http://www.avshow.gr/

    We are very happy that we reached agreement with company "Audio Komponentai". This is second big step for AudioSolutions after debut in Hi-end audio show "Audio Gourmet 2011". We are optimistically looking forward for more dealers in other countryes to share our passion in art of sound reproduction.

    AudioSolutions is proud to announce new cost-effective speaker line "Euphony". The best way to enter audiophile world for every one. This line will consist of four models equipted with high-grade audio components.


    AudioSolutions celebrates the very first audio event. In audio show “AudioGourmet 2011” AudioSolutions debutes with three speaker models of one collection. Rhapsody 60, Rhapsody 80 and Rhapsody 130. This was a great event and we were glad to have an opportunity to show our products for many music lovers and audiophiles.

    Original text is in Polish language, you may try to use translator.

    Please read article here: http://www.genuin-audio.de/Website/AudioSolutions_files/Rh130_LP2%2014.pdf

    We got our first review in Germany. Rhapsody 80 was honored for "Highlight" nomination!

    Please read article here : http://www.i-fidelity.net/testberichte/high-end/audiosolutions-rhapsody-80/seite-1.html

    Read article here : http://stereoikolorowo.blogspot.com/2013/12/monitory-audiosolutions-euphony-40.html

    Please use google translate if necessary.

    Read article here: http://hifiphilosophy.com/recenzja-audiosolutions-rhapsody-80/

    please use google translate if necessary.

    This is the second review of Rhapsody series speaker by Mr. Wojciech. First review was dedicated for Rhapsody 60's.

    Rhapsody 80 review click here (in Polish language, please use google translate)

    Rhapsody 60 review click here (English translation)

    After a successful Hi-End show in Poland Warsaw, reviewers from StereoLife magazine tested Euphony 50 speaker, and...we won an award - StereoLife Recommendation!
    Read article here (in Polish language only).

    Please read article here : http://stereoikolorowo.blogspot.com/2013/09/kolumny-audiosolutions-rhapsody-80_13.html

    P.s. in Polish language only, please try to use google translate if necessary

    AudioSolutions got third review in 6moons internet magazine. AudioSolutions team is very grateful to Mrs. Marja & Mr. Henk for review and ofcourse to Mr. Srajan for publishing review on 6moons.com

    Read article here : http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/audiosolutions2/1.html

    We got review from well known and one of the biggest Russia magazines Hi-Fi.ru Sorry, but only in Russian language, please try to use google translate.

    Read article here : http://www.hi-fi.ru/magazine/stereo/927928

    We got review from the North American magazine SoundStage! HI-Fi, which is part of the SoundStage! Network. Many thanks to Doug Schneider for such honest review.

    Read article here : http://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/feature-articles/2-uncategorised/508-audiosolutions-rhapsody-80-loudspeakers

    We got review from well known Lithuanian internet magazine www.gramofonas.lt Sorry but review is in Lithuanian language only, readers may try to use google translate.

    Read article here : http://gramofonas.lt/lt/klubas/technika/straipsniai/detail.php?ID=80798

    Review of bookshelf speakers Rhapsody 60 is in two languages.

    Read Polish (original) article here : http://highfidelity.pl/@main-1498&lang=

    Read English (translation) article here : http://highfidelity.pl/@main-337&lang=en

    AudioSolutions got it's first review. Mr. Srajan from 6moons internet magazine agreed to do some listening tests without a doubt. We are very happy that we didn't let Mr. Srajan down with our product quality - Mr. Srajan decided to have Rhapsody 200 on its reference audio gear!

    Read article here : http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/audiosolutions/1.html


  • Audio Academy

            The company Audio Academy was founded in 2001, but the idea to start manufacturing loudspeakers came much earlier, in mid 90-ties. 


    The first construction were loudspeakers based on Tonsil drivers. Those were big boxes with a transmission line, which attributed to a powerful bass. At the same time distributors from companies like Visaton and Seas started to appear in Poland. They offered drivers with ready made designs for making loudspeakers, and we used those concepts in our products. We cooperated with people dealing with acoustics for a living, what taught us a lot. 

            Today we have a lot of experience in constructing loudspeakers. The proof of that are very positive reviews in audiophile press, as well as opinions of people listening to our products.



    Warsaw - Jan III Sobieski Hotel

    Audio Academy
    Power - Gigawatt
    Amplifier - Baltlab Endo 2
    CD - Wadia
    Kablar - Albedo Monolith


    Audio Show 2010


    Warsaw - Jan III Sobieski Hotel

    Audio Academy
    Power - Gigawatt
    Amplifier - DLS One Black
    CD - DLS One Black
    Interconnect and speaker cables - Albedo Monolith

    Audio Show 2009


    Warsaw - hotel Jan III Sobieski

    Audio Academy
    Power - Gigawatt
    Amplifier - Marton Opusculum 0.1.1 MKIV
    CD - Bladelius Freja Mk.II
    Interconnect and speaker cables - Albedo Monolith

  • Livetone - EXTREO

    Company EXTREO running for only three years but its roots go back to the beginning of the 80 th of last century. It's a small manufacture with the great aspirations because it draws on the experience of the legendary company Amplix-Audio. The combination of engineering precision of owner with finesse masterful of constructor from Amplix-Audio has resulted and still results in bold designs and unique loudspeaker systems also stereo amplifiers in High-End Class for the group of connoisseurs - who appreciate the natural beauty of music. EXTREO produces the big floor loudspeakers of model "SCENE" - series PROMINENT to the amplify salons in residential housing and the middle-field monitors "LIVETONE M1HB" for recording studios, which due to the specific technique of tuning are 100 % linear characteristics, faithful to the original sound of music and very accurate sound transmission details. Monitors are of course also available for a wide range of music lovers who want to enjoy the pristine quality of the music. In March 2014 the company EXTREO launched of production the small-series of loudspeakers about symbol "M2S" (a new type of loudspeaker monitor), and the floor loudspeakers about symbol "FM4" from the innovative lines "PROMINENT" for many Fans of High-End Class Audio from all countries of Europe.

    The Guarantee quality of production audio equipment by EXTREO is over 35 years of experience of designing and extraordinary sensitivity to the sound of the legendary owner of the company "Amplix-Audio" - a former musician who is currently working with EXTREO. Company EXTREO as one of the few has been awarded by the prestigious online magazine "High Fidelity” (was description also in the audio-magazine 6MOONS) from product "SCENE", which was issued on AUDIO SHOW 2013 in Warsaw. Anyone who has ever hear them play the audio device from the company EXTREO will no longer be able to think of other equipment ... There remains nothing else to him as soon as you buy what he heard...





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