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    During presentations of loudspeakers or amplifiers in many listening rooms we met a wide spectrum of problems related to lack of acoustic arrangement. Empty walls, uncovered windows, small amount of furniture, modern interiors - these are main reasons of degradation music reception in listening room. Most common results of above described situation are very long reverberation time, discoloration in middle frequency range and booming bass. No matter how expensive stereo/home cinema system you have - in such conditions this is almost impossible to reach it's best performance.

    One of the ways into sound improvements might be looking around for new components of the system or investing into very expensive interconnects or speaker cables. Other way is a modification of room's acoustics by using specialized panels. This method is much better comparing to component's change – it’s cheaper and gives very quick results lasting even after further component change.

    By installing panels in the corners we are getting improvements in quality of lowest frequencies, like reducing rumbling. Thanks to that system transparency is highly improved. Installation of panels in first reflections place (specially on sidewalls and the wall behind speakers) influence positively on  stereophony and the location of imaginary sources in the musical transmission. This effect might be magnified by putting additional panels behind the listener. Another easily recognizable effect is  calming of the sound in very “raw/sharp” systems with too high level of trebles.

    Above advantages of acoustic panels are achieved by diffusion blades installed at the front. Another function of acoustic panels is an adjustment of reverberation time - RT60 - which should be around 0.4-0.6s. Due to the absorption layer of mineral wool echo in the listening room lasts much shorter than in empty room. Too long reverberation time causes problems in sound scene creation and worse stereophony.

    Feature makes our panels unique on the market is a combination of two functions: sound absorption (effective above 250 Hz) and diffusion achieved by movable blades which can cover up to 50% of panel surface. After taking off all the blades panels become only absorbers with no diffusion. Such solution allow us to adjust very precisely “activity” of the panel in our listening room. As absorbent we apply the combination of high density acoustic wool with thin layer of acoustic foam hidden under aesthetic covering material.

    Main trademarks and functional advantages:

    • Multifunctionality - diffusion and absorption at one panel
    • Possibility of regulation the ratio between diffusion and absorption
    • Possibility of installation at many types of wall (wooden, concrete, gypsum boards) Installation system allow exact positioning of the panel in horizontal direction in around 12cm range (left<>right)
    • Different color combination of wooden frames, covering material and diffusion blades
    Available models
    • PICO-6 - absorption material thickness 6 cm - light correction of acoustic environment in initially designed rooms. Dedicated for smaller rooms. Dimensions - 56 / 56 / 6 cm. 
    • GRAND-6 absorption material thickness 6 cm - variant between the PICO-6 and GRAND-11.   Dimensions - 73 / 124 / 6 cm. Good for installation at sidewalls
    • GRAND-11 absorption material thickness 11 cm - advanced adjustment of the acoustic environment in bigger listening saloons. Correction of very long reverberation time.   Dimensions - 73 / 124 / 11 cm.
    • CORNER-7 floorstanding panels for corners - helps in bass improovments. Absprption material thickness 7cm. 73 / 124 / 7cm


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