Olimp MPK-005S

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OLIMP MPK - 005S bästa USSR rullbandspelare! Kopi manual/schema rysska och engelska . Servad februari 2021. Fina ferritt - glas tonhuvud REC och PLAY.  Mycket fint skick!

OBS! Pris utan band och NAB!


Power consumption, WA, not more than 100
Weight without components and packaging, kg, no more 20
Overall size, mm 462x220x450
speed sm/s: 9,53 ; 19,05
The weighted detonation value when moving the Tape
at speed of 19.05 cm / s, % no more +/-0,08
at speed of 9.53 cm / s. %, no more +/-0,7

Effective frequency range of reproduction when moving Tape:
to the right at a speed of 19.05 cm / s, Hz, 25-22000
to the right at a speed of 9.53 cm /s. Hz, 31,5-18000
to the left at a speed of 19.05 cm /s, Hz, 31,5-22000
to the left at a speed of 9.53 cm / s, Hz, 31,5-18000
Line output voltage for both directions of movement Tape, V 0,4-0,6
The ratio of signal to erased signal at both speeds Tape, dB, not less than 70
The full weighted signal-to-noise ratio during Tape movement:
at a speed of 19.05 cm / s, dB, at least 60
at a speed of 9.53 cm / s, dB, at least 56
Headphone output parameters:
rated output power, mW 3,6
output power limited by distortions 10%, mW, not more than 100
total harmonic distortions under normal operating conditions, %, not more than 1
effective frequency range, limited by gain. Hz, 25-22000
Time of continuous operation of the tape recorder
(with subsequent cooling less than 1 h), h, not more than 6
Input parameters “line input” :
minimum voltage, mcA, not more than 0.2
maximum voltage, mcA, not less than 20
up to a resistance Ohm, not less than 47
linear output parameters:
output voltage,V 0,4-0,6
output resistance. kOhm, no more 10

Additional features of the tape recorder :

Search by pause.

choice of auto-reversing on both sides.

review of songs. Play the beginning of every song

search of recorded.

Programming the playback recorded according to the specified number.

When playing back, you can back back how much you need to hold just one button.

Function - several counters.

correction of magnetization record and frequency.

Remote control programmer:

Manages all modes of control of the tape recorder including sound and balance.

Manages three sockets, you can connect an amplifier, tuner, and other.

There are three linear inputs that can be controlled. Choose from the remote control and adjust the sound.

if your amplifier does not have a remote control it is fixable.

Through this device, you can include three different inputs and adjust the sound to the amplifiers.


Precious metal content:

gold 2.07 gr.

platinum 0.14 g

silver 3.51 gr.

Iridium 0.014 g.

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