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The Pioneer PL-61 is a stereo turntable with a brushless DC servo Hall motor.

This motor, which utilizes a type of space age semi-conductor called Hall elements, is an ultra-slow drive motor that is distinguished by extremely low vibration and distortion, the two factors most conductive to quality in a turntable.

Wow and flutter of the PL-61 is measured at less than 0.05% (WRMS) with signal to noise ratio of better than 55dB.

Compared to more conventional DC motor, which powers most turntables today, the brushless Hall motor has less electrical or mechanical noise, and a longer life as it has fewer mechanical friction parts.

Complete with induced magnet type cartridge and diamond stylus, the PL-61 is everything the audiophile has ever demanded in a professional turntable, and is available only from Pioneer.


Type: belt drive

Motor: brushless DC servo hall motor

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Speed control range: within +-2%

Speed change: electronic

Wow and flutter: 0.05%

Rumble: 55dB

Platter: 310mm, 1.4kg, aluminium alloy diecast

Tonearm: static balance type

Effective length: 224mm

Tracking force range: 0.5 to 8g

Cartridge: PC-50 induced magnet

Dimensions: 498 x 201 x 429mm

Weight: 11kg

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